Indoor Cycling with Lake

Indoor Cycling with Lake

- by Robert Thorpe, October 15, 2022

Make The Most of Interactive Cycle Trainers

As a cycling summer season starts to move towards autumn, cyclists everywhere are starting to think about getting out their interactive cycle trainers and renewing their subscriptions to Zwift and Trainer Road, and other indoor cycle training programmes. Yes, indoor cycling and Zwift races will soon be upon us again, and it’s a great time to get yourself a new pair of road cycling shoes fitted and tested, making the most of the safe environment of your home. Interactive indoor cycle trainers are now very realistic, with some, such as the Elite Justo interactive cycling trainer even providing that side-to-side motion that you get on the road. And, this new selection of trainers, such as the Elite Justo, not only give you movement, but they also simulate slopes up to 24%, meaning that cycling indoors can feel just like struggling up your most painful, favourite mountain.

Elite have also just introduced their Rizer, front of bike interactive slope adjuster. This piece of kit works in harmony with the rear wheel operated trainer and raises or lowers the bike according to the slope – science indeed. If you fix a shower head above your bike trainer set-up, then plumb it in, it’ll be just like riding outside! The question is, what cycling shoes do you need for indoor interactive cycling, to keep you performing in those tough Zwift training sessions?

Foot Measure

Getting Your Feet Measured

The answer is simple really, your feet don’t change - they’re still attached to your body and operate in the same way, and your bike still performs in the same way. You are however in a safe and controllable environment as you cycle indoors, which is why we believe that autumn and the end of the road cycling season is a great time to replace your old road cycling shoes with a new pair from the latest range of Lake, road cycling shoes. Many of our retail partners provide a fitting service, ensuring that the shoes are perfect for your feet, giving you maximum comfort and performance. Even cycling rollers come in an interactive form these days, with you being able to link them to Zwift and the other programmes, giving a truly realistic feeling; and so indoor cycling is ideal for cyclists to get used to the new shoes and to carry out the final adjustments, before wrapping up warm, putting on the cycling overshoes and heading outside.

Pain Isn’t Always Gain

What this means is that you race along with friends indoors on Zwift, or tackle those tough 24% climbs on the latest interactive indoor cycling trainer, you can get used to the shoes and do those all-important final adjustments to cleat position and saddle height. In general, how many cyclists actually know their ideal saddle height? It’s a crucial aspect of your bike setup, and if it’s not correct, you can get pain in the knees, the hips, the back, and even long-term problems. We’ll be dealing with saddle height in detail in another blog coming soon. However, Getting properly measured will tell you this too.

You may have noticed some issues with your old road cycling shoes during the year, or with your cycling set-up, causing pain in your feet or even causing pain elsewhere, in the knees or the hips. If so, then a visit to one of our Lake shoe fitting experts at our retail partners, and a close look at your feet and cycling position, will be a useful session and will give you some well-earned foot love!

Elite Trainer

Performance Perfection

Riding the rollers indoors, is also a great way to improve your pedal action, making it more balanced and efficient, with a smoother flow. Add to this the addition of new shoes being bedded in, and it all suddenly makes sense. Yes, it may soon be autumn and time to retreat indoors, but making use of the new indoor cycling activity season is a great time to test out your new road cycling shoes, and to fine tune your cycling position and bike set-up.

Let’s take a quick look at two options for your new road cycling shoes for you to consider from our latest road cycling shoe range. Enjoy your indoor cycling and make sure that you use it to maximise your performance, and to perfect your fit on your cycling shoes – from Lake.

MX 177 Elite Trainer

Lake MX 177 Off Road Cycling Shoe

Indoor Cycling isn’t just about on-road cycling shoes. If you mainly ride a mountain bike or gravel bike, then it’s also a good way to fine tune the fit with your unique feet. Ultimately, it’s all about maximising comfort, and the MX 177 is a superb shoe for off road cycling comfort. It’s a multi-purpose shoe, designed as a relaxed shoe for mountain bikes, gravel biking, also being ideal as a cycle commuting shoe. This last features a larger, roomier toe-box than our Comfort last while providing increased foot control through the heel & saddle of the foot. The resulting fit is designed for aggressive riding while remaining comfortable to wear all day.

Ideal for couriers, adventure cyclists & anyone else who wears their cycling shoes for long periods of time. MX177 offers incredible performance, stability and all-day comfort. Feature for feature no other shoe can be compared to the MX177 in the same category – it wraps your feet in comfort, which is our ultimate aim.

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CX 219 Elite Trainer

Lake CX 219 Road Cycling Shoe

The Lake CX 219 Road Shoe offers race level features, fit and performance without sacrificing quality and durability. It’s a great road cycling shoe to start off your journey with Lake using, giving you our legendary form, fit and comfort, as well as superb cycling performance and style.

The CX 219 features form-fitting and durable microfiber and mesh upper with a comfortable and secure BOA closure utilizing Carbitex tongue panels for reduced friction lace adjustment. A 100% carbon fibre sole that creates a comfortable, lightweight, and classy package.

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CX 302

Lake CX 302 Road Cycling Shoe

If you’re looking for a more advanced road cycling shoe, then our CX 302 is the evolution in a light weight climbing shoe that feels unbelievably light on the foot without sacrificing comfort, secure fit and power transfer. Utilizing Clarino microfiber, dual BOA® Li2 dial and Lake’s Handmade CFC 3K carbon fibre sole, you have a cycling slipper that the competition can get nowhere close to that weighs an amazing 195grams in size 44!!! (Not including insole).

When you’re racing on Zwift indoors and testing out your performance on your Elite Justo, tackling those steep hills as you race upwards, this high-performance road cycling shoe will look after your feet, keeping your mind on the road - and on the racing!

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  • Daniel Prager

    I have a very wide foot(4E) and high instep.I cycle everyday indoors for o E hour intense sessions. Looking for the right shoe based in Lisbon. Thank you

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