Lake Christmas Gift Ideas #11

Lake Christmas Gift Ideas #11

Isn’t Christmas supposed to be a peaceful time of year - certainly not here!

‘On the 11th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, 11 Pipers playing… ‘

I retreated to the garden office last night, trying to find some peace and quiet. I negotiated the swans, avoided the Leaping Lords and the Milk Maids, and I was convinced I’d be safe - even the cats joined me, and I hadn’t seen them for an age.

Then, just as the sun was rising, I hear this awful noise outside and I see 11 Pipers all dressed in Highland clothing, piping away like it’s the Edinburgh festival - in my garden🤦‍♂️. Now I know for sure, I’ll never see the cats again. It’s Christmas, a time for small and meaningful gifts, not grand gestures. I don’t need Pipers - I do need new cycling gloves. Now, there’s a good idea… please, next year, send me some super quality cycling gloves from Lake.

Lake Cycling apparel - Cycling Gloves

As well as looking after your feet, we also want to ensure that you look after your hands. After all, they’re the second most hard-working part of your cycling self. These high-performance Lake Cycling gloves and made especially for us, by one of the world's leading brands, and allow you to add some typical Lake comfort and performance to your cycling clothing, just in time for spring, or to protect your hands when indoor cycling over winter.

Our branded gloves are made from a Lycra stretch fabric that gives these Spring and Summer Classic cycling gloves a superb fit. The palms are made of Nubuck material, promoting great grip control and padding the hands when gripping the bars, and protecting you from grazes if you fall. They’re suitable for wearing in both dry and wet weather conditions, due to the technical fabric.

Without using a conventional fastening system, the gloves are pulled on and taken off by means of a pull-tab provided at an extended height above the wrist. You’ll look stylish and feel comfortable on the bars with this high- performance cycling gloves - an ideal stocking filler for a cycling Christmas.

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