When history and culture meet technology and design – Lake MX169

When history and culture meet technology and design – Lake MX169

We call it the Lake Cycling MX169 off-road shoe

We’re really excited to introduce the latest shoe in the Lake Cycling range. Welcome to the super stylish MX169 Cycling shoe. This sleek performance off-road and all-around commuter shoe merges the culture and history of cycling with modern technology and design, to bring you one of the most comfortable, cycling shoes that you’ll ever wrap your feet in. Using the same Comfort Plus last as our leading MX201 shoe, the MX169 is designed with the ultimate adjustable closure system - laces.

Get Tied up in Cycling History & Culture

There’s nothing as adjustable as a good old-fashioned lacing system, as you tweak everything to wrap your unique feet in our legendary Lake Cycling comfort. Over the years, we’ve been at the forefront of cycling shoe design, and yes, we’ve helped to create cycling shoes with the very best of modern closure systems. We’ve never forgotten the history and culture of cycling though, and we recognise the importance of it to our customers. And, as we say, there’s no getting away from the fact that laces offer the very best of adjustability in a shoe – just ask our chief designer, Hutch. It’s a shoe for off-road and for all day riding in the city, and for stylish commuting, or a leisurely spin around the city, with a stop for coffee.

Modern Technology Meets Classic Style

We’ve added a protective Microfiber mesh panel over the toe box, increasing the weatherproofing. Cycling shoes, especially off-road cycling shoes, need to be able to perform in all conditions and in all weathers. The protective microfiber panel will give you that necessary reassurance that you need on the trails. Microfiber is the perfect material for weatherproofing, coated with a protective layer, and ensuring that your toes stay looked after.

The stand-out factor with the new MX169 shoe is our stylishly designed upper, with that classic cycling shoe look, to take advantage of the infinite ability to fine tune the shoe fitting, that laces bring. Every single eyelet is involved in the adjustment options, meaning that your feet get the precision fit that you deserve - with style to boot. Yes, sometimes, in order to go forward, we have to look to history and to recognise the culture of cycling and all that it brings. We can all learn from the past, and the new 169 shoe is testament to the Lake Cycling drive to balance performance, style and comfort and to bring you the ultimate in cycling footwear.




Food for the Sole ;)

Using our renowned Comfort Plus last, with real rubber and an EVA Enduro Sole with a semi-rigid nylon midsole, along with our legendary Fiberglass Injected Nylon sole formula, it’s a shoe with an all-new design that has incredible grip and durability for all day cycling. Yes, the future is always brighter, and here at Lake Cycling, it’s perfectly wrapped for you and your feet. Take a look at our new Lake Cycling MX169 Cycling shoe today, and get tied up in classical style, with the legendary Lake performance and comfort.


  • Ellen Towles

    I agree with the other message’s… make a wide width please!

  • Luc

    Please make these in a wide fit. I got the lake mx177-w, these are wide, but don’t have a wide toe box..

  • Lisa

    I know someone who would LOVE LOVE LOVE these in an extra-wide! Seems like this model would be a terrific choice for an expanded size range.

  • Luke

    +1 to the other comments, would definitely buy these in a wide fit

  • Daniel

    Will they be available in wide fit?

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