The Cyclist’s Shoe for Comfort & Style

The Cyclist’s Shoe for Comfort & Style

Lake CX201 Road Cycling Shoe

Far too often we see cyclists with shoes that fit badly, chosen for either accessibility of the product, price point (discount), or because some rider in the pro peloton uses them. We’ve written on our blogs before about how the foot shape and size of riders differ, and how pro riders tend to have a narrower than the average cyclist. However, it takes time for the message to get around, and in the interim, we thought that we’d share one of our own favourite cycling shoes with you – the Lake CX201 road cycling shoes.

You already know that we design the most comfortable cycling shoes in the world. After all, comfort is in our DNA, and we pride ourselves on bringing smiles to those cycling miles – not numb feet! If you take a fresh look at our current range of cycling shoes for both road cycling and off-road and gravel riding, you’ll see a renewed focus on style too. It was always there, trust me; however, shoes like our Lake CX201 are so cool looking, as well as being super comfortable, that it kind of stands out more – which is good. Yes, you can have the legendary Lake comfort and fit, and still look stylishly modern and cool at the same time. After all, you’ve earned it 😉!

CX 201


Creating the Balance

It’s a tough deal, trying to achieve that perfect balance for the cyclist between performance, fit and style. We’ve always set out, quite rightly, to prioritise comfort and performance. Your feet are unique, which is why we offer cyclists so many width fittings and models, on so many different last shapes. Nobody understands this or your feet like we at Lake do – it's our passion for perfection. We have more shoe ‘LASTS’ than any other brand, which is something that we’re kind of proud of.

The benefit to you the cyclist seeking out the best cycling shoes in the world, is that we can produce shoes like the new Lake CX201 road cycling shoe, with its stylishly modern design, and we can also ensure that it carries the emblematic Lake performance credentials. Let’s take a moment to look at what makes this shoe so special then...

Lake CX201 Road Cycling Shoe

Coming in black or white colour options, the CX201 takes foot comfort and fit to the next level. Featuring an all new ‘LAST’, with a wider toe box and a unique construction that offers a light weight and extremely breathable shoe, with a generous forefoot platform that accommodates a multitude of foot shapes. We’re constantly listening to our customers, and meeting with cyclists at grassroots and pro level. We take everything on board, which is why we’ve designed the CX201 to be one of the world's most comfortable cycling shoes. We’ve used the materials in such a way, that they complement each other in performance and aesthetics. The rear of the upper, merges seamlessly with the mesh to the forefoot area, adding that sleek and modern look, and producing maximum breathability for your feet, whilst also looking sensational.

This stylish and technical shoe is achieved by using Clarino Microfiber, with a NuFOAM™ breathable, wicking shell, with Trek-Dry antimicrobial liner. NuFoam’s unique design works in a way that keeps your foot feeling cool and dry. The innermost layer of the NuFoam package is Trek-Dry antimicrobial & wicking fabric made from carbonized bamboo. The Trek-dry draws moister away from the foot towards the surface of the shoe. The middle layer of the Nufoam package is a 2mm closed cell perforated foam that works as a spacer to allow air to flow into the shoe, thus creating evaporation.

We’ve done lots to make sure that the wider toe box gives your feet the space that they need, and that the technicity of the materials used in the upper, give you the right level of lateral support and comfort, whilst allowing your feet to breathe as you work hard on the ride. The Lake Comfort Plus Carbon Composite Sole provides all the necessary stability on the pedal, ensuring maximum power transfer.

Wrapping your feet in lightness

This is a super-light, super stylish and super performance cycling shoe, that comes with the Lake longevity, meaning that it’ll look after you and your feet for many years to come. Nothing is left to chance, and we’ve used a BOA® Fit System Side mounted Li2 Push/Pull dial, integrated into the tough but soft leather upper, to ensure that it wraps your feet like a second skin.

Producing a cycling shoe as stylish and as comfortable as the CX201 is all about bringing together several important factors. It’s not simply one element that can take credit for shoe fit, and more importantly, fit does not always equal comfort. It’s how we at Lake use the BOA dial system in conjunction with our in-house design, development, pattern work, our world class shoe ‘Last’ and selection of superior upper materials, that make this system work – and ultimately, it’s why this shoe is so light and so special.

We’re super excited about the new Lake CX Comfort Plus ‘LAST’, and we’re really pleased to be able to bring you the performance, style and comfort of the new CX201 road cycling shoe. It really is a shoe for all riders and will bring pain free cycling miles to your cycling adventures, wherever you are. Here at Lake, we don’t just want to bring you the most comfortable cycling shoes in the world; we want to do it in style – wearable style, in the shape of the CX201!


  • lance

    Do you make a CX 201 in a mountain bike shoe? If not, I would highly recommend you make one because the foot shape of the CX 201 is needed in a mountain bike shoe. Thank you for considering my request.

  • Steffen

    The CX201 is a solid shoe. I tried many and often they tend to wrap your feed very tight..
    Still, there could be slightly more space for the big toes, inside… (just get your self a pair of Altra insoles and you’ll see what I mean) Anyway, so far a great shoe! 🤓

  • Eric White

    The CX201 is by far the best cycling shoe I’ve owned, normally by 60 miles or so all I can think of is getting my shoes off my feet. aAfter my initial test ride to make sure my cleats were set where I wanted them, I rode a 120 mile ride and my feet felt great. I highly recommend these

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