Time for the Grand Tours

Time for the Grand Tours

Written by Robert Thorpe

Take a Grand Cycling Adventure

The Giro is well into its stride now, as the best cyclists in the world begin to test themselves, with day after day of relentless climbing on the world’s best cycling roads. Over the next few months, all attention will be focused on the men and women – yes, women too at last – chosen to pit themselves against the peloton in search of glory and cycling fame. They’ll be cheered on by tens of thousands of cyclist's roadside, vying for position, with some staying for days in advance, and many cycling to their chosen spot, as the roads of Italy, Spain and France become filled with the colour and the pageantry of cycling sport.

You can of course watch it quietly at home, sitting comfortably in an armchair, or in a local bar with friends. However, there’s nothing quite like heading out early from Grenoble and climbing steadily on the mountain roads towards Alpe D’Huez, where the ribbon of tarmac snakes 26 times on route to the summit. However, it’s not the top that awaits the adventure seeker on 2-wheels; it’s Dutch Corner and the biggest party in cycling, where a thousand lubricated voices urge on their chosen teams.

Yes, you can create memories which will last you a lifetime, when you follow the Grand Tours into the mountains. I know, as I’ve inflicted this adventure upon my own family, and it was absolutely amazing – all for just a fleeting glance of the Lyca clad legends of cycling. We thoroughly recommend it, but we also suggest that you get yourself fitted and kitted out beforehand, to ensure your cycling comfort and to look after those hard-working feet, that will toil uphill for hours under the heat of the summer sun.

CX 403: Performance Cycling Shoes for All-Day Epics

If you want to look and feel like a pro cyclist and you’re up for challenging yourself on the same world class cycling climbs in the Alps and elsewhere, then the Lake CX 403 road cycling shoe might be the right choice of footwear for you. It’s a high-quality and high-performance cycling shoe, with our legendary Lake comfort, made on our CX/ TX Race ‘last’. And, whilst it's definitely a performance orientated cycling shoe, it has a reasonable width, as you’d expect from us here at Lake, and Dual Side mounted Push/Pull IP1-S BOA lacing system to ensure that your feet are perfectly wrapped in comfort, like a second skin.

The custom fit carbon fiber sole allows you to fit the shoe perfectly to your feet, keeping the molded heel in place and reducing those pressure points that are often found with other performance cycling shoes. The stiffness of the sole, coupled with the lateral support of the Carbitex OmniFlex Carbon Fiber Stabilizer Support panels help to keep the foot stabilized, control stretch and allow for increased power transfer. The shoe is also lined with perforated Kangaroo leather, for a great fit & feel, and keeping the CX 403 as light as possible. Yes, when you need a shoe that will look after you on those grand challenges, then the Lake CX 403 fits the bill – and will fit your own unique feet better than anything else.

CX 238: Less is More

Evolving from the renowned CX237, we’ve improved upon the previous legendary performance and durability, with a new high-cadence riding favourite - the Lake CX238 road cycling shoe.

Shaped for a better, more comfortable fit, the Competition last increases toe pitch and heel lift, allowing the foot to expand under high pedalling pressure. Supporting the shoe is Lake's Race carbon fiber sole, offering impressive stiffness and power transfer while remaining low in weight. To protect the shoe from premature wear, the full-grain leather upper also boasts a panel at the heel and a rubber bumper at the toe, plus mesh panels for proper ventilation as you climb those epic hills.

Designed for high-pressure riding, the Lake CX238's wider forefoot provides the relief you need to focus on the road ahead and is a more comfortable option than the CX403 with its pure-bred racing pedigree.

Renew your cycling spirit this spring – with Lake

Lake is dedicated to making cycling shoes that excel in performance, style and comfort. Like you, they’re excited and always ready for the next adventure. So, get your head down and turn the cranks with Lake shoes maximising the power, as you renew your cycling spirit this spring. Don’t simply sit at home and watch the pros tackle the epic high hills of the grand tour races – head out yourself and take on the challenge. After all, once you’ve reached your own personal summit, there’s sure to be a place waiting for you at Dutch Corner or one of the many other switchbacks that await the modern cycling greats. And, with Lake taking care of your feet, success is just a ride away.


CX 238


CX 403


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